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One of my favorite Bell-Ringers.

The Question:

Anarchy or Tyranny? You can not change the outcome of your answer or chose your class.


The first time I heard this, I sat in Sociocultural Studies taught by one of my favorite professors. We always started the class with a Bell-Ringer; oh boy, did we ever get one that day. At first, we would take 5-10 minutes to think it over and write down our thoughts. Afterward, we would break into groups and discuss, eventually leading to a class discussion. It may seem crazy, but this question, while simple in nature, can create solid bonds or divide and end relationships (true story).

First, you must remember that there is no going back or changing your chosen side. If you decide you would rather have tyranny, you can not overthrow the ruler or change your class. You can not form a government or ruling body if you pick anarchy. You also can not choose your class, so if you live under tyranny, you don’t know if you’ll be of the ruling class or of the common class, which means you have to be able to justify your answer regardless of your position. The limiting factors here are really what make this such a great Bell-Ringer. It provides consequences. Take some time to think it over and reason with yourself. Once you are ready, read on, and I’ll discuss my answer.

My Answer:

While I wish I knew where the paper I had used to answer this question was precisely (probably stored in a box somewhere) so I could remember exactly what my thoughts were back then, it is nice to have the opportunity to give this some fresh thoughts. However, my answer to this question remains the same as it did then. My choice is… Anarchy. Now let me tell you why.

My reasons are based on the fact that unless you are the dictator in the tyranny scenario, you have no control over anything. That means you no longer have the freedom to practice your religion, speak your mind freely, or protect yourself and your family… and the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, you could end up with a great dictator who loves his people, gives them everything they want and need, and lives in blissful peace. But the possibility of the opposite is way too much of a reality to me. What if the leader is terrible? What if they decide anyone who believes whatever religion or ideology you subscribe to should be killed? What if you end up in servitude? What if the ruler chooses that they now want you or, even worse, your child, for their own pleasures? All of this has been done before by various dictators. I don’t know about you, but I could not stand by and let that happen to me or my family.

With anarchy, it’s basically the wild west. No rules and no government. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be an all-out war with every man, woman, and child for themself, though. Just because no governing body is allowed does not mean you can not have a community. Community is essential to living a healthy life, and while it would have to be a significantly loose and open community where one can chip in and help but also come and go as they please, it’s better than the possible alternative.

I am already tired of those that have charge over my life now. I can’t imagine having even less freedom and being controlled even more. The downside to anarchy is that there are no rules, so anyone can do what they want. We all know some terrible people out there would do despicable things. But that’s where community and your right to protect yourself and your family come into play. You have options. You have a choice. That’s far better than hoping to get lucky. But what do you think?

By Ris

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